Promo Coupon Code & Bonus (January, 2017)

There is only one discount code for at the moment (last updated: January 2017). This discount code is only valid if you order 500 semi-dedicated proxies. Click here to order the proxies. If you follow this link, then you will find a special offer: you can buy 500 semi-dedicated proxies for 350 USD / month.

If you need dedicated proxies or less than 500 semi-dedicated proxies, then there is no valid coupon code at the moment (last updated: January 2017). I searched for codes on the internet and could not find any working coupons. I even contacted Buyproxies, and they confirmed that they have no valid coupon codes, only the one above. Please note the previous coupon code “Imsick” doesn’t work anymore!

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Proxies with balls! This is a strong statement which describes as a whole. As compared to other companies offering proxies and related services, subscribing in has no limitations. Certainly, no restrictions in using their proxies! Even, if you read the whole website, there are no AUP/ Acceptable Use Policy which would state the limitations in regards with the use of their proxies. Proxies can be used for Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnuke XCr, gaming, downloads, and anything you want to do over the World Wide Web.

In over 6 years of being in the business, has won the hearts of many webmasters, veteran and newbie alike. With the amazing proxies’ features, plus the competitive pricing plan, it is no doubt why the company has skyrocketed to success and fame among its subscribers. offers both dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated ones. You can order for as little as 5 proxies of your choice per month and pay the minimum price package available. The semi dedicated proxies are shared by other two users, so you do not have to worry about the speed or performance of the said proxies. Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fresh IPs every 30 days
  • No Program Restrictions
  • Proxies Protocol: HTTP
  • Multiple Subnets Locations

  • US
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France

Pricing Plans

The prices of both dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies are way cheaper in than in any other sites. And the price of each proxy gets cheaper as more will be ordered. Basically, the starting price of each dedicated proxy in is $2.00. The bigger the proxy plan you are planning to avail, the cheaper the cost is. As to the semi-dedicated proxies, the minimum package of 10 would only cost $10 all in all.

Customer Support promised to cater all queries from customers at a speed of light seven days a week. There is only one way of contacting their customer support department and that is through submitting a ticket of your specific concerns, queries or complaints. The company has reliable and knowledgeable agents to assist you in all your needs.

Other Reviews

  • Best Proxy Reviews – is currently on the first spot of their list. Overall, got a 5 star rating and a quick positive review about the company’s performance has been provided.
  • Private Proxy Reviews – Out of the 10 proxy companies on their list, got the 6th spot. The site also provided a brief summary about the company’s services and they have provided a positive review too.
  • Change Your IP Address – got the number one spot on this particular site. It has bested nine other companies offering the same services.
  • Scrapebox Proxies – The top rated scrapebox proxies is the Overall, the author and the users have given a 4.5 star rating for the company. Along with that, you can read the reasons why the author has given a very good score for
  • Fiverr – on their Fiverr profile you can find over 5000 reviews of Buyproxies in the last 6 years! The overall rating is 5/5, which is very impressive.

Our Take

Indeed, subscribing to is worth all your money, time and effort. They are one of the companies who provide no nonsense proxies and services. More so if you are one of people who can’t push through certain online tasks just because of the restrictions posted by other proxy providers, you will definitely enjoy working more using the proxies offered by Coupon Code, Discount and Reviews

Click here to use the coupon code SCRAPEBOX to receive a 20% recurring discount! Enter the discount code SCRAPEBOX during the checkout to redeem your discount.

Step 1: Click here to visit MyPrivateProxy!

Step 2: Choose your desired proxy package, then proceed to the “Review & Checkout” page.

Step 3: Enter the SCRAPEBOX promo code into the “Apply Promo Code” field, and click on “Validate Code” button: promo code

Step 4: Now you should see the “Promotion Code Accepted! Your order total has been updated.” message and the discount is now reflected in the total amount. You have just saved 20% recurring! coupon code

Another great company providing reliable and efficient proxies is the They are very good in Internet marketing, supporting various SEO tools such as Scrapebox, SenukeX, TweetAdder and a lot more. Also, their proxies work greatly with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Another thing, you can also post advertisements to Craiglist. But, services are limited to valid sites only. does not provide services to Xrumer, Torrents and does not allow fraud and mailing as stated on their FAQ page. As with other top proxy provider companies, does not allow spamming, use of proxies on different porn sites and other online illegal activities as stipulated on the Appropriate Use Policy page. provides http/https proxies in both dedicated private proxies and shared proxies. And the company is planning to expand more their reach by adding datacenters and on the recent updates, will be offering VPN service soon. Furthermore, their set-up time is really fast. Many of the reviews posted by various customers have attested to the speed of setup connection offered by In a matter of minutes, you can start using your ordered proxies in no time.

Lastly, is aiming to provide 100% green services in the near future. In fact, the company has started utilizing wind energy as the main source of energy in their Denver datacenter. Features

  • Multiple Cities, Subnets
  • Non Sequential IPs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1,000 Mbps speed
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Supports HTTPand HTTPS protocol
  • Proxies are hosted on 1Gbps, XEON servers with 8GB RAM Locations

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Dallas, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Scranton, PA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Denver, CO

Pricing Plans

The range of prices of both private and shared proxies in is well beyond affordable. You can start buying one proxy at $2.49 and the more proxies you buy, the cheaper is the cost per proxy. On the other hand, shared proxy would start at $1 and it will become cheaper. Once you order 2000 proxies a month, the shared proxy will cost no less than $0.65.

If you want more savings, you can grab the opportunity while availing the most current deal in For a limited time offer, a 10% bonus in the amount of proxies you order.

Customer Support

Reaching out for their customers in the easiest way possible is one of the main aims of With that, they have provided various options in contacting them. You can submit a ticket through the specified category provided. Or, if you want faster solution to some of your queries, you can have an instantaneous live chat to one of the company’s agent at specified times of the day.

In regards with their guarantee policy, you can still enjoy a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee if you found out that the proxies ordered do not work within your standard and purpose.

Other Reviews

Our Take is on the second place of our list of best companies providing proxies and other related services. With the extensive customer support and efficient proxies and services, no wonder why is on our top list. Plus, the fact that the company is aiming to go protect our Mother Nature; it is an amazing fact about the company that cannot be ignored.

ProxyBonanza Promo Code and Reviews

Click here to visit all the ProxyBonanza special offers! Last tested on December 21, 2016.

According to their website, ProxyBonanza is located in Poland. There are three categories of proxies provided by ProxyBonanza, and in each category, there are three plans in each, namely, the Lite, Standard, and Bonanza. On the other hand, the three categories you can choose from are the following: Shared Proxy, Exclusive Proxy, and International Proxy.

In regards with the aspect of what is allowed or not in ProxyBonanza, it is not clearly stipulated on their Terms of service. Even on popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube and the likes, ProxyBonanza could not give a guarantee that the proxies will work with these sites, pertaining to past abuse of the use of proxies. However, before you subscribe for any proxy plan offered by ProxyBonanza, it might be good to read and understand the whole Terms of service. The proxies are used to gain access to restricted sites due to workplace policy or any reasons, but, if ProxyBonanza found out that what you are doing is illegal under their understanding, your account can be cancelled at once and you may not be entitled for a refund according to the company’s discretion.

ProxyBonanza Features

  • Proxies Protocol: HTTP, Socks5
  • Proxies Update: Every Couple of Months
  • Does Not Support: Scrapebox, Xrumer
  • Firefox Proxy Add-on

Pricing Plans

The prices of proxies vary according to the specific plan you are going to purchase. The cheapest proxy plan you can avail through ProxyBonanza is the Lite Shared Proxy plan worth $7.49 per month with its limited features. All proxy plans of ProxyBonanza, even the most expensive ones, do not have the unlimited bandwidth feature as compared to their competitors.

Customer Support

The company can be contacted for any queries through their email. Along with that, they have provided a detailed FAQ page. And, just like the majority of proxy providers, ProxyBonanza does not provide any contact numbers too.

Other Reviews

  • Best Proxy Reviews – The overall rating given for ProxyBonanza is 4 out of 5. Alongside, the site has provided detailed information about the company and its services.
  • VPN Reviews – A 4.5 star rating was given to ProxyBonanza, 5 being the highest. They have posted a very concise and informative review which can be very helpful for people who are on the look for the best proxy provider.
  • VPN Central – ProxyBonanza was given a 4 out of 5 star`rating. Along with ProxyBonanza’s features, VPN Central also gave a complete summary about the services given.
  • Private Proxy Reviews – On this site, ProxyBonanza was included on the Top Socks5 Proxy Service providers. A brief summary about ProxyBonanza has been laid out as well.

Our Take

ProxyBonanza got many proxy features that are really good, most especially if you are going to make use of the international proxies. However, the only downside is the fact that most of the competitors of this company already offer unlimited bandwidth, which they do not provide in any proxy plans they got. One thing that may also turn off prospective customers is the fact that ProxyBonanza did not have a definite and clear ruling as to the limitations on the use of their proxies. Surely, a customer would not want to spend their money, only to find out that the purchased proxies cannot be put to use.

LimeProxies Coupon 2016 and Reviews

Click here to redeem the VPN1 LimeProxies coupon to get 10% discount. Just enter the VPN1 coupon code on the final checkout page, and save 10%. Last tested on December 21, 2016.

Just enter the LimeProxies coupon code VPN1 on the second page during the checkout process (after you entered your personal details), into the “Update Coupon” textfield, as shown on this image below:

LimeProxies coupon code

After you entered the coupon code, you should click on the blue “Update Coupon” text. After that you should see the “Coupon successfully applied! You saved: X,XX USD” status message (see the image above).

LimeProxies offer various kinds of private and shared proxies both in the USA and in many parts of the world. These proxies can be utilized for online gaming, bulk data retrieval, posting classified ads, and a lot more. Even for people who only wanted a proxy for their own personal use and bypassing block websites and fire walls, they can take advantage of the offers made by LimeProxies. It is permitted to use Lime Proxies in the following site: Facebook, Craiglist, Google, Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter, AOL, BBC and a lot more.

Moreover, LimeProxies support Socks5 while restrict the use of their proxies in Xrumer, Scrapebox, mass mailing and online scam and fraud.

LimeProxies Features

  • Multi City Proxies
  • Highly Anonymous/ Elite Proxies
  • Instant Proxy Setup
  • Fresh IPs
  • 1000 Mbps High Speed
  • Free IP Replacement Guarantee

LimeProxies Locations

  • UK
  • Canada
  • New York
  • California
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Illinois
  • Fremont
  • San Jose
  • Milpitas
  • Emeryville
  • Pala Alto
  • Riverside
  • West Covina
  • Phoenix

Pricing Plans

As compared with other proxy providers, the cost for each proxy package offered in LimeProxies is a bit higher. However, on the Shared Private Proxies, the cost of each plan is within average. But, with other variations of private proxies, the prices are considerably higher than competitors.

Not to worry, as you can still have the amazing services by LimeProxies through availing the current special offers of the company. As of the current moment, LimeProxies are offering 35% on your initial order and a lot more exciting deals by checking out their website.

Customer Support

The good thing about LimeProxies is the fact that they got amazing line up of customer support. You can either submit a ticket directly to the company or perhaps send them an email through the address posted on their site. Along with that, they have provided contact numbers, one each for US and Singapore support center. Aside from those, you can have a live chat with one of the experts in LimeProxies anytime of any day.

Other Reviews

Our Take

If you are in for high quality proxies and services, but do not mind the high cost, it is better to subscribe in LimeProxies. They got various proxy plans to choose from and a good customer support service.

SquidProxies Promo Code and Reviews

Use the SquidProxies promo code bhwonly to get 25% recurring discount. Click here to redeem the bhwonly coupon code and get the 25% lifetime discount. Last tested on March 24, 2013.

SquidProxies service provides excellent proxy services to all their subscribers for any purposes except while using the black hat SEO forum spamming tool called Xrumer. Anything you want to do online can be made at ease through availing the various services offered by Squid Proxies. For the ones looking for Scrapebox Proxies, you can find a great deal through Squid Proxies as the company specializes in Scrapebox. In fact, Squid Proxies have relationships in some Scrapebox forums, solidifying the partnership.

While reading SquidProxies’ Appropriate Use Policy or AUP, it is clearly stated in there that any form of online spamming activities is forbidden. In addition, all proxies used for Craiglist postings have to use Phone Verified Accounts (PVA). And, since Squid Proxies is a US based company, all clients are under the jurisdiction of US law. You can, however, choose the proxy servers outside of USA, which is Romania.

Once you have signed up for any specific proxy package, you will be given a VIP Customer area access so to freely view your proxies at anytime of any day, and add, remove or modify your own IPs at your own pace of time and desire.

Squid Proxies Features

  • Super Fast Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multiple IP Subnets, Multiple Cities
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Proxies Update Frequency: Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Webmailing Allowed: Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail

Squid Proxies Locations:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Dallas, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Scranton, PA
  • Bucharest, Romania

Pricing Plans

Squid Proxies various price plans for both the Private Proxies and Shared Proxies are really affordable. You can pay for as low as $0.75 per private proxy as long as you needed 2000 proxies in a month. And, it would only cost $0.65 for every proxy if you order 1000 of shared proxies in a month. The obvious principle in here is the fact that the more proxies you need, the more opportunity for you to acquire those at cheaper prices.

The starting price per private proxy is $2.40 while $1.00 for every shared proxy which are considerably cheaper than their main competitors.

Customer Support

Most of the proxy server companies only provide their respective email as a way for their customers to contact one of their support agents. In this aspect, Squid Proxies provide an amazing email customer support in a fast and more efficient manner. They are great in providing technical solutions to all queries and updating their services to meet the demands of their clients. Moreover, Squid Proxies provide a full refund within 3 days of ordering if you find the company’s services unsatisfactory.

Other Reviews

Our Take

If you prefer high quality of proxy services with a cheaper amount of cost, you can guarantee all that using the proxies provided by Squid Proxies. Their high speed proxy servers coupled with other excellent technical support and services made us come into a conclusion that Squid Proxies deserves the overall number one spot. Do not waste your time googling around for free proxies, you will be better off with Squid Proxies in the long run.

IPFreelyProxies Coupon and Reviews

Sorry, there are no coupon codes available for IPFreelyProxies.

The ingenious people behind IPFreelyProxies believe that shared proxies are like reusing rubbish, unwanted items. So, they only stick to selling various types of private proxies. Currently, their proxy servers support several social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, along with Scrapebox and SenukeX. In addition, IPFreelyProxies cater web mailing on Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo. But, they have forbidden the use of proxies on Craigslist, Xrumer and those which requires geolocation. And, like any other proxy providers, IPFreelyProxies does not cater to any online illegal activities such as spamming, torrents and any other forms of fraud or scams.

And, as for speed of proxy set-up time, IPFreelyProxies promised to have everything ready after 5 minutes of placing your order. The company has also guaranteed to replace any blocked proxy for one time. Reading their AUP, IPFreelyProxies seemed to have a very restrictive refund policy.

In addition, while being subscribed with IPFreelyProxies, you will have full access to the proxies 24/7. You will have the right to add, remove, or modify the account at your own pace.

IPFreelyProxies Features

  • Monthly Proxy Rotation
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Private Dedicated
  • Supports Scrapebox, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Web Mailing, SenukeX
  • Multiple IP Subnets
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No Ads, No Delays

IPFreelyProxies Locations

  • USA only

Pricing Plans

All the proxy plans presented on the website of IPFreelyProxies have their prices in Australian dollars. However, upon checking, the difference between the current Australian dollar to US dollar rates is not that big, only few centavos difference. The smallest proxy package you can avail includes 10 proxies with the amount of AUD$18.40. And, the more number of proxies you order, the lesser is the cost of each package. The maximum number of proxies you can order from IPFreelyProxies is 400-IP Pack.

Customer Support

As with other proxy providers, IPFreelyProxies also offers a ticket support system. Users of proxies are familiar with this system already. It is just like filling a form and submit it afterwards, that easy! Along with that, once you submit a ticket, you can track it online as you will be given a tracking number.

Other Reviews

Our Take

Currently, on our 7th spot is IPFreelyProxies. They have nice proxy plans which are considerably cheap as well. However, you must always take note about the company’s terms and conditions along with the restrictions associated with their proxies and related services so as to maximize the purpose of purchased proxies.

Trusted Proxies Reviews and Coupons

There are no coupon codes available for Trusted Proxies.

Trusted Proxies was founded by Paul Rosenthal in 2009. The company’s aim is to provide Enterprise Class Private Proxy Servers which are reliably fast and secure and are geo targeted. This simply means that you can get fast results straight from the specific country you are aiming for. The proxy servers offered can only be used for “White Hat” search engine and internet marketing businesses. Although they have a wide variety of both dedicated proxy and virtual or shared proxy servers, Trusted Proxies’ services are only directed to valid Internet marketers, not the “Black Hatters”. So, no black hat SEO activities allowed such as Craiglist postings, Xrumer, scraping, mass mailing, and many others. You may check out the company’s terms and conditions before availing their services o have maximum use of the purchased proxies.

Trusted Proxies Features

  • No Black Hat Policy
  • Offers Corporate Proxy Service Solutions
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for Dedicated Servers only
  • Supports SEM, Anonymous Browsing, Web 2.0, Scrapebox
  • HTTP Proxies, Shared Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, and Geo-targeted Proxies

Trusted Proxies Locations

  • UK
  • US
  • You can either choose a specific target country or any metropolitan area of your choice

Pricing Plans

There are numerous proxy plan categories offered according to the needs and the prices you can afford. For personal usage of proxies, there are various proxy plans to choose from. And, for big organizations which need more advance proxy plans, there are also lots to choose from. However, if compared to other online proxy providers, the prices of proxies in Trusted Proxies are pricier. But, if you choose reliability and higher quality, then, you would not mind the cost, and instead go on with your purchase.

Customer Support

Before you can actually decide for your purchase of proxy, you are given the opportunity to submit an inquiry ticket to Trusted Proxies. The company promised to answer all emails and queries within hours after you send it. Alongside, you can send message through Trusted Proxies’ mailing address. But, if you want quick and direct access to one of their agents, there are phone numbers provided for US, UK and international customers.

Other Reviews

Our Take

If you want credible proxy provider, then, there is no need to go elsewhere as Trusted Proxies can give you the best proxies alongside high quality of service and customer support. On our review, Trusted Proxies is currently on the 6th spot. They are one of the proxy providers which we highly recommended.

Your Private Proxy Coupons and Reviews

Sorry, we could not find any coupon codes for Your Private Proxy.

To provide anonymity and security over the Internet, it is advisable to avail dedicated proxies and one of the trusted companies which provide high quality proxies is Your Private Proxy. Not only that, they are a reputable company which has been in the service for several years now amidst the high cost of proxies they offer. Indeed, the premium priced proxies would outshine others.

The options as to where you can use the proxies from Your Private Proxy are quite good. You can use the proxies in Scrapebox, Phone Verified Craiglist accounts, Reddit, ebay, Senuke and other websites. However, the company would not allow the proxies to be used in Xrumer, Facebook, torrents, x-runner, or for anything that is deemed to be fraud.

Your Private Proxy Features

  • Dedicated IP’s
  • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocol
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Proxies are ready 24/7
  • Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets
  • Proxies Updated Monthly
  • FTP Access

Your Private Proxy Locations

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Seattle

Pricing Plans

The price of each proxy plan depends upon the number of proxies that you are purchasing. It would cost you $9.97 a month just to order for one proxy. And, the largest plan available in Your Private Proxy, with 253 proxies, would cost $499.97. The price of each plan is quite expensive, but, many people still acquire the company’s proxies because of their high trust rating and quality services.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of promos by referring someone to purchase from Your Private Proxy. A 50% discount can be guaranteed on the first month.

Customer Support

Your Private Proxy provides support to their customer through the e-ticket system. You can also guarantee that they will get you back with you in a short span of time.

Other Reviews

Our Take

Your Private Proxy got amazing and very efficient proxy plans. Even with the high cost it entails; many people are still engaged to acquire the company’s service. The only downside, aside from the pricey proxy packages, Your Private Proxy does not provide assistance to some of the famous websites such as Facebook. And, if you are one of those people who wanted to use Xrumer, it is better to check other proxy provider.