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The ingenious people behind IPFreelyProxies believe that shared proxies are like reusing rubbish, unwanted items. So, they only stick to selling various types of private proxies. Currently, their proxy servers support several social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, along with Scrapebox and SenukeX. In addition, IPFreelyProxies cater web mailing on Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo. But, they have forbidden the use of proxies on Craigslist, Xrumer and those which requires geolocation. And, like any other proxy providers, IPFreelyProxies does not cater to any online illegal activities such as spamming, torrents and any other forms of fraud or scams.

And, as for speed of proxy set-up time, IPFreelyProxies promised to have everything ready after 5 minutes of placing your order. The company has also guaranteed to replace any blocked proxy for one time. Reading their AUP, IPFreelyProxies seemed to have a very restrictive refund policy.

In addition, while being subscribed with IPFreelyProxies, you will have full access to the proxies 24/7. You will have the right to add, remove, or modify the account at your own pace.

IPFreelyProxies Features

  • Monthly Proxy Rotation
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Private Dedicated
  • Supports Scrapebox, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Web Mailing, SenukeX
  • Multiple IP Subnets
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No Ads, No Delays

IPFreelyProxies Locations

  • USA only

Pricing Plans

All the proxy plans presented on the website of IPFreelyProxies have their prices in Australian dollars. However, upon checking, the difference between the current Australian dollar to US dollar rates is not that big, only few centavos difference. The smallest proxy package you can avail includes 10 proxies with the amount of AUD$18.40. And, the more number of proxies you order, the lesser is the cost of each package. The maximum number of proxies you can order from IPFreelyProxies is 400-IP Pack.

Customer Support

As with other proxy providers, IPFreelyProxies also offers a ticket support system. Users of proxies are familiar with this system already. It is just like filling a form and submit it afterwards, that easy! Along with that, once you submit a ticket, you can track it online as you will be given a tracking number.

Other Reviews

Our Take

Currently, on our 7th spot is IPFreelyProxies. They have nice proxy plans which are considerably cheap as well. However, you must always take note about the company’s terms and conditions along with the restrictions associated with their proxies and related services so as to maximize the purpose of purchased proxies.