Promo Coupon Code & Bonus (March, 2020)

There is only one discount code for at the moment (last updated: March 5, 2020). This discount code is only valid if you order 500 semi-dedicated proxies. Click here to order the proxies. If you follow this link, then you will find a special offer: you can buy 500 semi-dedicated proxies for 350 USD / month.

If you need dedicated proxies or less than 500 semi-dedicated proxies, then there is no valid coupon code at the moment (last updated: January 2017). I searched for codes on the internet and could not find any working coupons.

I even contacted Buyproxies, and they confirmed that they have no valid coupon codes, only the one above. Please note the previous coupon code “Imsick” doesn’t work anymore!

BuyProxies Promo Coupon

But I will send you my private PDF report, which contains my recommended SEO tools and services. This report is written by me and contains years of real SEO experience. You can save a lot of time and money with this exclusive report!

This report is a bonus for you if you order proxies from using my link below:

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After you made your purchase using my link, you have to contact me and send me these details: Your signup date (e.g. 2016/01/06), the name of the ordered service (e.g. 10 Dedicated proxies), and the amount you paid (e.g. $10.00 USD Monthly). Then I check my stats, and if you ordered using my link, I send you my exclusive SEO report via email.

Proxies with balls! This is a strong statement that describes as a whole. As compared to other companies offering proxies and related services, subscribing in has no limitations.

Certainly, no restrictions in using their proxies! Even, if you read the whole website, there are no AUP/ Acceptable Use Policy which would state the limitations in regards with the use of their proxies. Proxies can be used for Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnuke XCr, gaming, downloads, and anything you want to do over the World Wide Web.


In over 9 years of being in the business, has won the hearts of many webmasters, veteran and newbie alike. With the amazing proxies’ features, plus the competitive pricing plan, it is no doubt why the company has skyrocketed to success and fame among its subscribers. offers both dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated ones. You can order for as little as 5 proxies of your choice per month and pay the minimum price package available. The semi dedicated proxies are shared by the other two users, so you do not have to worry about the speed or performance of the said proxies. Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fresh IPs every 30 days
  • No Program Restrictions
  • Proxies Protocol: HTTP
  • Multiple Subnets Locations

  • US
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France

Pricing Plans

The prices of both dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies are way cheaper in than in any other sites.

And the price of each proxy gets cheaper as more will be ordered. Basically, the starting price of each dedicated proxy in is $2.00. The bigger the proxy plan you are planning to avail, the cheaper the cost is. As to the semi-dedicated proxies, the minimum package of 10 would only cost $10 all in all.

Customer Support promised to cater all queries from customers at a speed of light seven days a week. There is only one way of contacting their customer support department and that is through submitting a ticket of your specific concerns, queries or complaints. The company has reliable and knowledgeable agents to assist you in all your needs.

Other Reviews

  • Proxyism – is currently on the fourth spot of their list. Overall, got a 4.5 star rating and a quick positive review about the company’s performance has been provided.
  • Private Proxy Reviews – Out of the 10 proxy companies on their list, got the fourth spot. The site also provided a brief summary about the company’s services and they have provided a positive review too.
  • Change Your IP Address – got the number one spot on this particular site. It has bested nine other companies offering the same services.
  • Scrapebox Proxies – The second top-rated scrapebox proxies is the Overall, the author and the users have given a 5 star rating for the company. Along with that, you can read the reasons why the author has given a very good score for

Our Take

Indeed, subscribing to is worth all your money, time and effort. They are one of the companies that provide no-nonsense proxies and services.

More so if you are one of people who can’t push through certain online tasks just because of the restrictions posted by other proxy providers, you will definitely enjoy working more using the proxies offered by

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